together with: Rian van den Boom / ZWAAN PRODUCTIES
This movie tries to find an answer on the question: what can be the role of artistic storytelling in scientific research and the global conversation about animal conservation. By sharing personal experiences in an artistic way, this movie tries to reveal a relevant case-study of an under-researched territory. For this research, Mirthe works together with marine ecologist dr. Marjolijn Christianen (WUR). Marjolijn is also part of the documentary. There collaboration goes on. 
The documentary is one of the results of a long-term research in Ghana by Mirthe Dokter. In 2022 she is planning to go back to Ghana and finish the project with a last part (artwork). In the documentary Mirthe used her artistic archive to summarize her experiences and the stories of the people she met. She reflects in film and in stop motion animation.
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